CHAMP® Hydraulic Side/End Lift 4501

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Are you a professional automobile mechanic or a DIY-er who takes good care of your vehicle? We have got the perfect product for you. The Champ Hydraulic Side/End Lift is here to help you with your automobile repair needs. As an automobile fanatic, you may know the importance of a safe vehicle lift for a variety of reasons. With the Champ Hydraulic Side/End Lift, you can now lift your automobile with absolute ease and perfection.

This product utilizes hydraulic power to lift vehicles off the ground for inspection. The Champ Hydraulic Side/End Lift has a maximum capacity of 3000 lbs. It lifts from 7" to 36", while the lift pad spread is 23"- 32". This product comes with easy rolling wheels that lock for better stability.

How to Use the Lift
  • It is extremely easy to put together the Champ Hydraulic Side/End Lift. The slot on one side of the jack beam adapter easily attaches to the cross beam adapter with bolts that come with the package
  • After attaching, tighten the bolt well and slide the assembled adapter into the lift beam of the lift
  • With the locking pin provided, you can now lock the assembled adapter in place
  • Ensure that you place the lift pads in the proper car lifting sections. Contact your vehicle manufacturer in case you are unsure.

The Champ Hydraulic Side/End Lift works well on the side, front or back of your vehicle. Made in the USA, the Champ Hydraulic Side/End Lift weighs around 215 lbs.

Key Features of the Champ Hydraulic Side/End Lift:
  • Lifts from 7"- 36."
  • 3000 lbs. capacity
  • Lift pad spread: 23"- 32"
  • Easy rolling wheels with locking system that provides stability
  • Works well on the side, front or back of the vehicle

Ships by truck freight.

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