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  • Tuxedo 9,000-lb. Symmetric 2-Post Car Lift TP9KF-TUX
  • Tuxedo 9,000-lb. Asymmetric 2-Post Car Lift TP9KAC-TUX
  • Tuxedo 14,000-lb. 4-Post Lift Chain FP14K
  • Tuxedo 6,000-lb. Mid-Rise Pad Lift MR6K-48
  • Tuxedo Heavy-Duty Tire Changer TC-950
  • Tuxedo 11,000-lb. 2-Post Direct Drive Clear Floor Bi-Symmetric Lift TP11KC-DX
  • Tuxedo iDEAL 20ft Tilt-Deck Frame Rack FR-77T-20
  • Tuxedo iDEAL 18ft Tilt-Deck Frame Rack FR-77T-18
  • Tuxedo Pneumatic Motorcycle Lift Bench M-1000C
  • Tuxedo Basic Wheel Weight Kit WW-BASIC
  • Tuxedo Vise for Motorcycle Lift M-Vise
  • Tuxedo Heavy-Duty Rim Clamping Tire Changer with Left Side Press Arm TC-950-WPA
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