Plastic Tire Bags

  • Plastic Tire Bags
  • Large Tire Bags
  • Extra Large Tire Bags
  • Plastic Wheel Covers
  • Slip-N-Grip® Parts Bags 22" x 14" 500/Roll
  • Standard Tire Bag
  • Maskers Wheel for 17" to 20"

Whether covering tires for a new car paint job or sending your clients home with their summer set during the winter season, your repair shop needs plastic tire bags for protection. Additionally, they are imperative in garnering customer satisfaction as they show that cleanliness is of utmost importance to your business. Our clear tire bag rolls of 100 protect against paint overspray, dust and contaminants while moving through the workflow of your center. Heavier tire storage bags are also available for when you are returning or replacing tires. These options are perfect for safekeeping for longer periods of time until clients are ready to have them thrown back on their vehicle. Check out our new extra large tire bags for larger custom wheels now in stock by request.

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