Frame Pulling Posts

  • Champ 20-Ton Pulling Post Starter Kit without Anchor Pots 8815-P
  • Champ Easy-Puller Pulling Post (Post Only) 4025-A
  • Champ Come-Along Pulling Post 4500
  • Champ Grappler 10-Ton Mobile Frame Straightener with 4 Clamps 4071
  • Jackco 10-Ton Body Straitener with Swivel Post - Boom & 2 Hand Pumps 857
  • Body Loc 3-1/2" 12-Ton Chain Tydown BL-10
  • Body Loc 2-1/2" 10-Ton Chain Tydown BL-71
  • Body Loc 2.5" Threaded Anchor Tydown BL-71
  • Champ Floor Anchor Pot 1600
  • Body Loc Chain Binder - 8" Long, 3" Draw BC-49
  • Body Loc Truck Vise Clamps for Chief (Set of 4) BL-77D-CH
  • Champ Easy-Puller Kit

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