Automotive Plastic Repair

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  • Polyvance Hot Spot Cordless Plastic Stapler 6204
  • Dent Fix Hot Stapler Deluxe Kit - DF-800BR
  • Dent Fix Z-Clip Breakaway Staples (50) DF-800ZC50
  • Dent Fix S-Clip Breakaway Staples (50) DF-800SC50
  • Dent Fix V-Clip Breakaway Staples (50) DF-800VC50
  • Dent Fix M-Clip Breakaway Staples (50) DF-800MC50
  • Dent Fix N-Clip Breakaway Staples (50) DF-800NC50
  • Dent Fix U-Clip Breakaway Staples (50) DF-800UC50
  • Dent Fix W-Clip Breakaway Staples (50) DF-800WC50
  • Dent Fix EZ Nitrogen Plastic Welder - DF-EZN1
  • Polyvance Bumper Pliers Kit 6146
  • Dent Fix Nitrogen Welder ABS Plastic Rods
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