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Auto Body Dollies

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  • Mighty Mover Heavy-Duty 6000-lb. Capacity Car Dolly by PROLific™
  • Mighty Mover 4200-lb. Capacity Car Dolly by PROLific™
  • Uni-Dolly 4800
  • Roller Plates, 4" Diameter Wheels, 1,000-lb. Load Capacity by PROLific™
  • Zendex GoJak Wheel Dolly Jack (Left Hand) with 11" Max Tire Width 5211
  • Zendex GoJak Wheel Dolly Jack (Left Hand) with 13" Max Tire Width 6313
  • Zendex Tool GoJak® SUV Vehicle Mover 7016
  • Zendex RakJak 2-Ton Triple Bag Air Jack with Extended Handle TBT2L
  • Zendex Tool RakJak 2-Ton Double Bag Air Jack with Extended Handle DBT2L
  • RakJak™ 2-Ton 3 Bag Air Jack TBT2
  • RakJak™ 2-Ton 2 Bag Air Jack DBT2
  • 6-Ton Ratcheting Jack Stands

Moving disabled vehicles across your parking lot and repair shop is easy and efficient thanks to our available selection of vehicle movers. Whether seeking car wheel dollies or frame dollies, you are sure to find the exact option you need for your professional shop or home garage. We even carry some wheel dolly systems that work like floor jacks. They squeeze the tire between rollers, thus lifting them off of the ground smoothly without ever impacting the frame or undercarriage. You can use also move other modes of transportation like boats, mowers, ATVs and more with some of our units. Make sure to check out our Uni-Dolly systems too. They are rugged, durable and flexible, which makes them a prime choice for everyone from mechanic to serious hobbyist. Wherever you fit in though, we are certain to have the necessary auto body dollies you need to do the job.

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