Tow Truck Lights

  • TowMate 21" Wireless Tow Light
  • TowMate Wired Tow Lights with Side Markers (Pair)
  • B/A Magnetic Tow Lights - Halogen
  • B/A Magnetic Tow Lights - 10 LED
  • Steck Big Easy Night Light

Ensure safety for yourself, customers and other drivers on the road with our selection of tow truck lights. We have some amazing wired and wireless options from TowMate and B/A to help warn motorists that you are hard at work. Our towing lights are perfect for nighttime or use during a rain or snow storm. They help draw attention when the elements make it difficult to see from a distance and when those other drivers are distracted. These halogen and LED tow lights are exactly what you need for both routine jobs and major accidents.

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