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Automotive Measuring Tools

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  • Keson Pocket Rod PR618
  • The Blend Stick Estimating Kit
  • The Dent Viewer™
  • Killer Tools 10' Telescoping Measuring Tram Gauge ART903M
  • Killer Tools 15' Telescoping Measuring Tram Gauge ART90
  • Mo-Clamp Mo-Pro Gauge Package 7400
  • Dent Fix 5-Meter Telescoping Tram Gauge DF-3TC5A
  • Dent Fix 3-Meter Telescoping Tram Gauge DF-3TC3A
  • Dent Fix Short Telescopic Tram - DF-3S
  • Dent Fix Standard Tram Gauge DF-3
  • Dentstick
  • Killer Tools Mini Telescoping Measuring Tram Gauge ART90MINI
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