Auto Shop Work Lights

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  • Champ Portable LED Shop Light 4006
  • Champ Inspection Light 4048
  • Champ LED Automotive Inspection Light
  • Champ Heavy-Duty 6-Bulb Mobile Work Light 4095
  • Champ Mobile 2-Bulb Extendable Work Lights 4059-1
  • Champ Heavy Duty LED 6-Bulb Mobile Work Light 4095-LED
  • ISOColor Headlamp Alignment System
  • ISOColor Headlamp Alignment with "Visual Assist"
  • Bayco 50' Triple-Tap Retractable Cord Reel SL-8903
  • 50' Corded LED Work Light on Metal Reel
  • Bayco 13-Watt Fluorescent Work Light with 40' Cord Reel SL-825
  • Bayco 30' Triple-Tap Retractable Cord Reel SL-800
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