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Dent Fix Tools & Equipment

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  • Dent Fix Deluxe Aluspot Extended Aluminum Repair Station - DF-900DXE
  • Dent Fix Grounding Magnet - DF-GM
  • Dent Fix Hot Stapler Deluxe Kit - DF-800BR
  • Dent Fix Alu-Spot Deluxe Aluminum Dent Repair System - DF-900DX
  • Dent Fix Maxi Multiple Pull Resistance Welder - DF-505
  • Dent Fix Maxi Stand - DF-509
  • Dent Fix 12-Piece POM Dolly Set DF-AB712
  • Dent Fix Aluspot® 3rd Drawer
  • Dent Fix Aluspot® Bridge Puller DF-900BP
  • Dent Fix Aluspot® Dust Cover DF-900DC
  • Dent Fix Aluminum Hammer Set - DF-AH714
  • Dent Fix Standard Tram Gauge DF-3
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