Job Jackets

Repair order jackets make organization with your auto body repair shop even easier. Keep track of all important vehicle information and checklists on the outside and safely store all important documents on the inside. Job jackets are available in both manila and a variety of color-coded options to simply the process further and designate by type of auto repair or technician.
  • Lightweight Color-Coded Jacket
  • Expandable Color-Coded Repair Order Jacket
  • Heavyweight Color-Coded Repair Order Jackets - Version 1
  • Heavyweight Color-Coded Repair Order Jackets - Version 2
  • Manila Vehicle Deal Jacket
  • Mechanical Manila Jacket
  • Double-Duty Auto Repair Order Jacket
  • Standard Color-Coded Jacket
  • Die-Cut Repair Order Jacket
  • Expandable Repair Order Jacket

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