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Killer Tools Portable Ozone Generator ART67-12

Killer Tools

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Ozone shock treatments are approved and used in the industry to sanitize, clean, and remediate odors, smoke damage, and kill mold. All you need is a 5 – 10 minute shock treatment to kill surface molds, bacteria, and viruses.

  • 12-Volt - runs off of the cigarette lighter
  • 12 minute timer used with vehicle on and air conditioner running
  • Air ducts and all surfaces will be decontaminated
  • All odors will be eliminated
  • Open windows to dissipate ozone

Disclaimer: Ozone is not for breathing. Breathing high concentrations of ozone can harm your lungs. This is a commercial ozone generator for use by business owners to 'shock treat' the air in unoccupied vehicles. Please read the instructions prior to using and only use as directed.

Please note: Ozone Generators may only be sold and used for "industrial use" in the state of California. Car Detailing is one of the permitted industries.
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