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Killer Tools Plastic Repair System ART73

Killer Tools

SKU #1704671
• Nitrogen-free plastic welding
• Integrated hot stapler
• 110V
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Why Mess with Nitrogen?

Today's vehicles are loaded with plastic parts. When choosing the option of repair why bother with nitrogen when quality welds can be made without it? Killer Tools hot air plastic welding requires NO Nitrogen, which saves you time, money, and frustration. The Killer Tools ART73 plastic welder is an excellent choice with an integrated hot stapler to reinforce and lock parts in place prior to welding. Just plug it into any 11OV outlet and begin. Choose from a wide range of plastic rod materials to match the component you are repairing. The technician can use the included guide to set the air flow and exact melting temperature at the welding wand, which prevents overheating and burning. Automatic weld handle shutdown when placed back in cradle.

  • Perfect plastic welding, Nitrogen-free
  • Wide range air flow control for the smallest to the biggest repairs
  • Digital temperature read out for exact melting point prevents plastic from overheating.
  • Easy Weld Guide, to match the rod, temperature, and air flow.
  • Integrated hot stapler for holding parts together during the welding process; with 2 heat settings, 2 LED lights and 3 staple settings.
  • Welding wand shuts off automatically when put back in the cradle.
  • 110V


  • Mobile Cart
  • Rotary File
  • Smoothing Wand
  • Aluminum Backing Tape
  • 6 - Stainless-steel staple shapes
  • Assortment of Plastic Welding Rods
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