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Being in the automobile business, you may have come across various door-skinning tools, but have you tried this Mini-Skin Door Skinning Tool? It is designed to help you reach areas where no other door skin tool can reach, thus making your job easier. There are many similar tools that need an accompaniment of other products to get the job done but with this versatile device, you just need an air hammer. It is especially good for using on the bottom areas of truck doors, which are usually harder to reach. 

You can also use the Mini-Skin Door Skinning Tool around window moldings for easier installation of skins. It can be used for folding flanges. This handy tool will work perfectly with the 2607 Pneumatic Door Skin Tool in your shop or garage. Installing door skins is a tough job, but this amazing tool will make it easier for you, saving you a lot of energy and time.

Special Features of the Mini-Skin Door Skinning Tool 

  • Can reach spots where other skinning tools can’t 
  • Doesn’t need many accompanying tools; just an air hammer will do
  • Good for using on bottom areas of truck doors and around window moldings
  • Can be used for folding flanges
  • Takes up less of your time and energy; thus increasing productivity
  • Made in the USA
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