CHAMP® Tram Gauge (non-calibrated) 6000


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The Champ Tram Gauge is used to make point to point measurements. A point to point measurement is the shortest distance between any two reference points. In most cases, this is accomplished by setting a dimension on the Tram Gauge and comparing it to two reference points on the vehicle, or by aligning the Tram Gauge with two reference points on the vehicle and reading the dimension of the gauge.

The Champ Tram Gauge is an all steel and aluminum construction gauge that can extend to 9 feet. It comes with two long pointers and two short pointers, and you can use a tape measure to set the measurements. To assemble or reassemble the tram gauge, insert the inner tram into the outer tram aligning the inner tram's thumb screw in the slot on the rear side of the outer tram.

Key Features of the Champ Tram Gauge (non-calibrated):

  • All steel and aluminum construction
  • Extends to 9 feet
  • Made in the USA


  • (1) Tram gauge
  • (2) Long pointers
  • (2) Short pointers

Technical Specifications

  • Extension: 9 feet
  • Weight: 9 lb.
  • Construction: Steel and aluminum
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