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Turn your Floor Jack into a Pinch Weld Jack!

Lift up cars for checking the brakes or changing tires with the Pinchweld Jack Adapter and prevent damage to your car's pinch weld. A standard floor jack can impair the pinch weld and this makes a pinch weld jack adapter necessary.

You often need to get under the vehicle for inspecting if all parts are fine or for replacing the worn out parts that can cause problems. Every time you put the floor jack, you can inflict damage on the pinch weld. This pinch weld adapter accommodates most floor jacks and fits on the pinch weld under the car's rocker panel. 

If you prefer to change the oil by yourself at home or at body shops, then this jack adapter may just be the right thing for you. The pinch weld adapter will tolerate any impact on it and not let it reach the pinch weld directly.

The solid steel construction is strong and sturdy. It helps in lifting the car on the unibody edge. Use them with conventional floor jacks and forget all worries related to the safety of your car's body. 

You will not have misaligned body panels, damaged pinch welds, or wrecked suspension components any more when you use this efficient pinchweld jack adapter. The U-channel on the adapter enables lifting vehicles at the right factory-specified lift points.

How to use pinch weld jack adapter

Designed to fit most floor jacks, this pinch weld adapter has a stem diameter of 1-1/8". The stem is 1-1/4" long. All you need to do is remove the saddle insert from the floor jack and fit in the pad adapter. Once inserted, its 5" x 2" body with a 0.5" dug out in the center will fit the pinch weld to house it safely during the lift. A resilient steel body ensures that the pinch weld adapter is durable through everyday use and can handle vehicle lifts, one after another.

Transform your floor jack into a pinch weld jack by using the Pinchweld Jack Adapter for inspection and repair jobs under the automobile.

Key Features of the Pinchweld Jack Adapter:

  • Universal Design: to fits most floor jacks
  • Steel Construction: makes it strong, and sturdy for back-to-back lift jobs
  • Durable: handles several lifts, be it at home or auto body shops
  • Shields Pinch Weld: from damage during lifts and inspection activity

Technical Specifications

  • Material Construction: Steel
  • Stem Diameter: 1-1/8"
  • Stem Length: 1-1/4"
  • Adapter Length: 5"
  • Adapter Width: 2"
  • Pinch Weld Center Cut Out: 0.5"
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