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Replace Doors Faster and Easier with the Champ Door Alignment Bar

Replace car doors quickly and easily and get new ones up in a jiffy with the Champ Door Alignment Bar. Removing the old door and fixing up a new one could be a tough nut to crack, in case you are thinking about doing it alone. It may take you hours to get the alignment right, and any little error on your part could make the hinges not work properly.

The four-way hinges adjust in all directions – up, down, in, and out – and you need to find the right way to help the door sit in position. It is essential to be careful not to bend the hinges while removing and adjusting the door. Otherwise, the hinges will not operate the way they are designed to.

The Champ Door Alignment Bar makes the door replacement job easy for you. It has a 16 gauge steel construction, which imparts enough strength to it to withstand the door's weight. What's more, this alignment bar gives you the advantage of one man operation, so you don't need to take anyone's help to hold the heavy door for you.

How to use this Door Alignment Bar
  1. Hook the end of the alignment bar to the latch bracket fixed on the car
  2. Insert the adjustable loop into the door latch
  3. Align the vehicle door by raising or bringing down the alignment bar

These steps will fix your automobile door and give it the right alignment. Make the Champ Door Alignment Bar a part of your auto body shop's supplies and replace doors with ease and precision.

Key Features of the Champ Door Alignment Bar:
  • Requires a one man operation to replace old door and correctly align the new one
  • Bar hooks into the door lock
  • Move bar up or down to get the exact alignment
Technical Specifications
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Material: 16 gauge steel
  • Bar Dimensions: 1" x 1.5" x .085"
  • Shims included
  • Made in the USA
Download Champ Door Alignment Bar Instructions
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