CHAMP® Adjustable Body Dolly 4046


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Store & Transport Car Bodies, Frames, Truck Beds & More!

You can now store and transport car frames, bodies and truck beds with ease when you use the Champ Body Dolly. The car dolly holds car bodies and frames safely and securely. Adjustable from 48" to 65" wide and height adjustable from 28", 32" or 36"

The Champ Body Dolly works well for truck beds, body panels or anything else that needs moving around. Please note that the body dolly is designed to hold a maximum of 3,600 lbs and loading more that the recommended weight may lead to personal injury or damage to the dolly.

What does the Champ Body Dolly Include
  • 4 – Corner Dolly Supports
  • 4 – Extension Arms
  • 4 –Wheels
  • 28 – 3/8 x 1" Bolts
  • 16 – Nuts
  • 16 – Lock Washers
How to Assemble the Dolly
  1. Use the bolts, nuts and washers to install the wheels onto the four corners of the dolly.
  2. Insert the extension arms into the Corner Dolly Supports.
  3. Connect it to the short arm of another Corner Support. Ensure that the Frame Brackets on the top of the Corner Brackets face the same direction.
  4. Attach the Extension Arms until you connect the entire unit.
  5. Screw the locking bolts into the threaded holes.
  6. By sliding the extension, you can adjust the Dolly to the desired width. Lock the bolts in place. Make sure the red paint is not visible on the Extension Arms.
Key Features of the Champ Body Dolly:
  • Works well for truck beds and body panels that need moving
  • Allows better mobility of vehicle bodies and frames
  • Easily adjustable from 48" to 65" wide
  • Works well for up to 3600lb capacity
  • Adjusts to 3 Heights: 28", 32" and 36"
  • 8" casters
  • Made in the USA

Ships by truck freight. You will be contacted with final shipping charges. 

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