CHAMP® Body, Bed & Cab Lifter 4053


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The Champ Body, Bed & Cab Lifter is here to make life at your auto body shop a bit easier. Now, you do not have to worry about lifting heavy bodies from your truck cabs or frames. The cab lifter saves you time and energy with its durable and hassle-free mechanism. 

It gives you the advantage of working perfectly with your engine hoist. Please note that we sell the engine hoist separately. This product is proudly made in the USA. The package comes with full instructions on how to put together the Champ Body, Bed & Cab Lifter effortlessly.

A body, bed, and cab lifter is a must-have addition to your auto body shop. It helps in lifting and placing heavy bodies with ease, without requiring you physical effort. This tool does this job for you without any damage to your truck or the objects you are lifting. Manufactured from heavy-duty material, it is a trustworthy and durable product for customers.

The Champ Body, Bed & Cab Lifter comes equipped with:

  • One support beam
  • Two support arm brackets
  • Two support arms
  • One support beam mount and
  • Two locking pins

In addition to these, the package also has bolts that let you mount the lifter to your engine hoist. The lifter is a perfect companion for the Champ Rotisserie. It can expand from 46" to 70". The sturdy build of this product has a capacity of 1500 lbs and weighs approximately 41.75 lbs.

Key Features of the Champ Body, Bed & Cab Lifter:

  • Easily lifts heavy bodies off frames, truck cabs and beds
  • Works well with your engine hoist (sold separately)
  • Expands from 46" to 70."
  • 1500 lbs. capacity
  • Perfect companion for the Champ Rotisserie

Download Instruction Manual

(Engine Hoist not included)

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