CHAMP® 5-Gallon Can Tilt Pouring Holder 2259

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Position solvent dispenser can by using the Champ 5 Gallon Can Tilt Pouring Holder; it helps you pour solvent or thinner effortlessly. This 5-gallon container is made in the USA and it helps improve operational efficiency.

This can holder is compact in size and is easily maneuverable,occupying minimal floor space. All you need to do is tilt and pour the solvent whenever you require it for automotive refinishing jobs. This holder secures the solvent can using a clamp screw mechanism. The Champ 5 Gallon Can Tilt Pouring Holder boasts a sturdy construction to withstand years of use in your auto body shop.

Key Features of the Champ 5 Gallon Can Tilt Pouring Holder:

  • Accommodates a 5-gallon container
  • Makes it easy to pour from the can
  • Saves floor space and effort
  • Utilizes a simple tilt and pour action
  • Can is not included with the holder
  • Made in the USA
(does not include the can)<
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