CHAMP® 2-Ton Cross Beam Jack Adapter 5507


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The Champ 2 Ton Cross Beam Jack Adapter is a versatile tool that suits most floor jacks and offers extra stability. You have probably seen or used the most common type of jacks, the car jack and floor or garage jack that are used to lift vehicles for repairs. Jacks are rated by their lifting capacities that can be anywhere from a few thousand pounds to many tons. 

The Champ 2 Ton Cross Beam Jack Adapter is designed to provide extra stability for more productive work. The saddle on the jack adapter can adjust from 23" to 32" on the center and the special threaded pad design can offer an extra 2" adjustment. The jack adapter also features a rubber lift pad for superior stability and can be used to lift Four Wheel Drive (FWD) vehicles without an axle beam.

 It is also suitable for lifting cars placed on rocker panels to enable servicing the wheels simultaneously. The heavy steel body offers extreme durability, which will help you reduce expenses and improve productivity.

So if you have been planning to change your current jack, replace it with the Champ 2 Ton Cross Beam Jack Adapter to balance and stabilize the vehicles you work on. It can distribute the weight evenly to reduce chances of damage to the vehicle's undercarriage. This versatile product has a lifting capacity of 4,500 lbs. / 2000 Kg. and a mounting peg size of 1-3/16" round x 1". The product is made in the USA and does not come with a floor jack.

Special Features of the Champ 2 Ton Cross beam Jack Adapter

  • Provides extra stability
  • Saddle can be adjusted from 23" to 32"
  • Special threaded pad offers extra 2" adjustment
  • Rubber lift pad increases stability
  • Lifting capacity: 4,500 lbs. / 2000 Kg
  • Mounting peg: -3/16" round x 1"
  • Made in the USA

Floor jack not inlcuded.

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