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Separates Your Air from Water! Shoot Dry!

The Paint Gun Water Separator is great for separating air from water. It comes equipped with a unique bronze filter that eliminates water at the gun. The separator is useful for trapping moisture that passes through conventional filters and removes oil, water and foreign particles from the compressed air line. It helps the repair personnel in conducting a moisture-free operation. 

You can attach the Paint Gun Water Separator directly to the air tool or spray gun. The button release valve enables easy disposal. It captures water vapor and dust for maximizing the performance of your air tool and extending the tool life.

This tool has an air inlet and outlet of NPT 1/4". It works as a necessary tool for mechanics in any auto body shop to prevent water and particles from getting inside spray guns and other air compressor tools. Bringing out optimum results from spraying jobs, this durable tool enables cleaner and even jobs. 

The separator has a see-through design to help in monitoring the buildup and the amount of water and particles trapped by the filter. It is capable of handling 90 to 120 PSI pressure. With a protective action, it prevents contamination of your expensive tools to keep them functioning much longer. You can drain out the filter after it is full.

Key Features of the Paint Gun Water Separator:

  • Separates air from water
  • Helps the repair specialist shoot dry
  • Eliminates water spots
  • Traps moisture, oil and dust particles and removes them from the compressed air line
  • Protects air tools and increases their life
  • See through design helps you keep a track of the buildup trapped in the filter
  • Maximizes the performance of air tools
  • Takes care of cleaner and even spray jobs
  • Handles pressure between 90 to 120 PSI
  • Can be drained after it fills up
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