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Bumpersmith 2.0
The Bumpersmith 2.0 offers a unique combination of capabilities in one compact unit. It has a state-of-the-art nitrogen plastic welding system combined with a clever bumper workstation which allows the technician to hold the bumper in just about any position for easy repair work. The nitrogen welder features a switch in the handle, which allows the welder to only flow the nitrogen gas when needed. Otherwise, the heating element is kept cool with the shop's compressed air. The easy-to-understand analog control system features output pressure gauges for both air and nitrogen and a flowmeter for repeatable performance.

Body Pro™
For Collision and Body Professionals!

Quickly solve time-consuming, impossible-to-diagnose, wind and water leaks. The special patent pending adapters, engineered just for collision repair, produce a fluffy, highly dense vapor with a long hang time that makes air disturbance leaks easy to see.

EZ Flex Bench
This bench does it all! It can adapt to hold any part that is painted off of the vehicle.

Holds up to 220 lbs.
Rotating Panel
Large rubber wheels
Folds up and rolls for easy storage


Bumper Paint Rack
Support rails swivel to fit any bumper cover. And, the tilting action allows easy access to the top, bottom, back and wrap around ends.

Includes 2 casters


Bumper Thing

If you want the best stand for holding flexible bumper covers, this is it! The Bumper Thing holds the bumper shape during the booth heat cycle.
Rotates 120° for complete coverage
Gas spring counterbalance for easy rotation.
Wide 1 1/4" casters won't get trapped in booth grates
Multiple Units "nest" into one another for storage
Easy mobility around the shop



Works on all dent repairs on all vehicles
Will work on both aluminum and steel automotive panels
PAINT ON repairs use the heavy-duty steel glue pulling system
PAINT OFF repairs the combo stud welder will weld both steel and aluminum.


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