Bumper Smith Anvil Nitrogen Welding Station

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Save $300 on the Bumper Smith Anvil Series! Offer Ends 10/31/17!
The Bumper Smith is a station that makes plastic welding quick and easy. The Bumper Smith uses nitrogen as a shielding gas, preventing burning and oxidation, which produces stronger, high quality welds. From bumper covers to plastic head lamps and fenders, the Bumper Smith has all the tools you'll need, including a fold-out work station, to repair plastics that may have otherwise been thrown out. Now features powder coated frame, arms and control panel.


  • Nitrogen Welding Station
  • Cart with two trays
  • Welding rods – polypropylene
  • 40' Urethane welding rod
  • 1" Aluminum tape
  • 1 Spaghetti welder
  • 1 Hot air welder (nitrogen)
  • 2 Welder cradles
  • Cradle for nitrogen tank
  • Regulator for nitrogen tank
  • 10' work hose
  • DVD set "Guide to Welding Plastic"
  • Nitrogen welder

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