3M™ PPS Adaptor Type 11 16018

Paint Prep

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  • Adaptor for use with 3M Paint Preparation System.
  • 3/8 mm Male, 18 Thread (NPS)

Adapts the following paint guns:

  • Kobalt (Lowe's) SGY-AIR176
  • Sharpe Cobalt HVLP (USA)
  • Sharpe Platinum HVLP
  • Sharpe Razor Primer (Blue finish gun body)
  • Sharpe SGF-98
  • Sharpe Titanium T-1 CG COMPLIANT
  • Sharpe Titanium T-1 HVLP
  • Snap-On BF900EXC14
  • Snap-On BF700HPG15
  • Snap-On BF900EXC3
  • Snap-On EXC6
  • Snap-On EXCG3
  • Snap-On Blue Point BF350
  • Snap-On Blue Point BF813
  • Snap-On Blue Point BF815
  • Snap-On Saber II BF814A

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